b'FEEAWTSURED ARTICLENWelcome to Educate Plus!It is these volunteers that also make Educate Plus whatNow ten years have flown by and our organisation is it is and why it has been such a joy to serve as your CEOready to move to its next stage of development. Under the for the past decade. People working in Advancement haveleadership of Lea Walker-Franks and currently Russell to be nice people to be successful in their own roles andDavidson, the Educate Plus Board has developed a new these values and attributes are in play in all interactionsand aspirational strategic plan. I believe it is time to hand with the Chapters and the board. over the reins to a new CEO to lead the organisation in this next phase of development. I leave the role with a real sense of pride and achievement of what our organisation During my tenure we have also sought to work instands for and what it has become. I am eternally grateful partnership with other professional organisations suchto all who have assisted me and our organisation during as CASE, AHISA, ISNZ, FIA, FINZ, IDPE and AISAP.these years.I wish all members and their institutions every MOUs with these organisations have ensured we worksuccess as they work to make a transformational difference to support each other and work for the benefit of all ourto the lives of those who pass through their gates.members.I have also been most grateful for the support offered to us by the corporate sector. As our reputation and influence has grown, so has the number of organisations wishing to partner and support us. The upcoming International Conference is a positive reflection on these relationships, with over 50 companies signing up to be a part of this flagship event. This corporate support has also in part funded many of our expanded scope of operations, funded Chapter events and strategies as well as subsidising other events to allow maximum attendance by our members.Neil McWhannell JP GAICD CEO, Educate Plus10 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'