b'FEATURED ARTICLEAs the vaccination rate among Australians increases, many businesses are considering what they can do to stay open. Can they mandate a no jab, no job policy? Well, the law is not so clear, says Karen Gately, CEO of Corporate Dojo. Sure, there are valid reasons why a business owner would want to ensure their staff are fully vaccinated, but how should they address the issue with their team?Eating regularly and a balanced diet, fitting in exercisepeople to identify opportunities and formulate strategies to your busy schedule and getting enough quality sleepto respond to challenges that arise. are mission critical priorities.So too is engaging in activities that energise your spirit.Staying connected with the people you love, spending time laughing orCelebrate wins.Look for big and small wins along simply enjoying your favourite hobby can go a long way tothe way.While there may be a lot going wrong, and helping you to maintain the depth of energy reserves youmany more mountains to climb, regularly stop and need to keep getting through each challenging day. focus peoples attention on what is going well.Positive feedback, arguments won, obstacles removedlook for every opportunity to pat yourselves on the back.Make balance a non-negotiable priority.Set and maintain boundaries that ensure you are not overworking and constantly running on empty.Time to rest andPrioritise strong relationships.While your team may recover are essential to maintaining focus and having thebe under extreme pressure dont allow standards of resilience to keep going.respectable conduct to drop.Tolerating aggressive, rude or dismissive behaviour at work or home is only likely to drain the spirit of your team or family and It may be necessary for you or other people around youundermine collective success.to learn how to say no. Avoid the common trap of taking on everything that is asked of you.Once you have established healthy self-care routines, you will be in a position to lead other people through these times.If you lead a team or are looking for ways to guide friends or family members through the challenges they face, understand that your advice and guidance is most powerfully expressed through leading by example.Karen GatelyDemonstrate that you believe in the ability to successfully navigate through the difficulties you face.Work withFounder and Managing DirectorCorporate Dojo78 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'