b'PLATINUM PARTFNEAETRU ARDEVDE ARRTOTIRCILAELtheir due diligence by evaluating yourWhen everyone is on the same page,Action items to kickstart brand reputation through research online,it minimises the chances of differentconsistencyasking their network for communitydepartments developing divergentCreate brand guidelines for feedback as well as referencingcampaigns or messaging that isyour school. If you already have Marketing collateral before makingnot consistent with the intendedguidelines, review them against any important decisions. brand values or characteristics.the existing collateral in play. Without school-wide commitmentStart by choosing a specific to a consistent brand voice you riskjourney that a customer would A school that fosters a consistentlydiluting the integrity of the schooltake when connecting with you. strong brand voice and identitybrand and eroding the goodwill,Is it consistent? will inherently be trusted by theirtrust and connection that has been community. With trust comesfostered with your audiences. Appoint a team to manage and comfort and a sense of stability andmaintain your content and brand reliability. Without consistency youridentity. credibility is at stake - youre at riskMaintaining brand consistencyDeliver brand guidelines of coming across as unprofessional,across platforms organisation wide. Also deliver disorganised, unfocused and possiblyReach different audiences througha copy to relevant partners and unreliable. Inconsistent messagingdifferent platforms, but withsuppliers who may be creating only serves to confuse and confoundconsistent brand messaging. content on your behalf.your audience, which may lead to a negative association with your schoolConnecting with the right audienceReview your communication brand over time. at the right time to communicatechannels and assess what the right message requires a varietyneeds to be updated with your of tools. Your goal is to define andnewly updated or created brand Consistent brand messagingshape the messaging to attract theguidelines, which might include facilitates your users to achievedesired outcomes from the desiredthe following items:their goals, wherever they may betarget audience. A strategy canNewsletteron their user journey, whether thatincorporate communications through is in enquiring, applying, enrolling,various channels that are all handledWebsitebooking a tour, or connecting onslightly differently. Micrositessocial media. A strong consistent brand ensures engagement.IntranetA marketing campaign to promotePortalssocial justice in a school may feature Why do schools have difficultylarge format image galleries on theSocialsmaintaining brand consistency? school website news sectionthisMarketing materialsTypically, a school as an organisationmay include a comprehensive article is decentralised. That means therewith image captions and tags andEnvironmental signageare many stakeholders, departments,have a more formal official tone.Internal communications.and campuses that each have their own agendas, goals, and objectivesThe same news item may be and are involved in producingpromoted with a more casual, communications. community focused tone on your social channels such as Facebook or With so many individual componentsInstagram with a single bold image, it can be challenging to arrive at ahashtag(s) and invitations to like or unified brand, let alone ensuringcomment on. The delivery is different, it is championed throughout thewith different audiences reached, school community. As difficult as ithowever the messaging remains is (and likely a continuing, evolvingconsistent.journey) getting all departments and stakeholders onboard and aligned to why its important will be a big win. NOVEMBER 2021 4 5'