b'FEATURED ARTICLEData is the key to increasing enrolmentsThe ultimate achievement of any schools leadership team is to have a clear strategic plan which should be underpinned by facts and data. A process needs to be put in place to truly understand your schools demographics, areas of growth and the socio economics of your trade area for optimal Marketing, and to increase your enrolments. M any independent schools around Australia are having a prosperous time despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. Early data indicates enrolments at Independent Schools are up by around 4.5% across Australia. Schools are reporting healthy enrolment figures with strong future enrolment lists, which provides a good deal of confidence for the sector. Irrespective of the current outlook, basing future decisions on facts, data and education statistics is vital to ensuring schools can operate as efficiently and strategically as possible while they grow and prosper. Understanding your schools environmentIt is critical for your leadership team to understand the schools demographics, and where students are coming from? If you know where students are coming from, and know the areas that offer greatest potential students in the future, you can take steps to ensure you attract themStudent mappingto your school? The census conducted every five years is the most accurate indication of the population and housing we As well as having the demographics outlined, you mayhave. Data from the census of August 2021 is expected want a DIY solution, and have a tailored, online andto be available in June 2022. Data sets in Australia will be secure mapping solution which can show you at a glancebroken down into around 53,000 Standard Area 1 (SA1) your current students, potential students, Marketingareas, each having a population of between 400 and 800 options, bus route efficiencies, growth corridors, futurepersons. risk, and much more. The questions asked in the census provide an accurate By using data, you can clearly understand what yourpicture on students from each SA1:market share is in any area. For any specific area youAge and sex of child?can see your students compared to the total numberIs the child in Primary or Secondary School?of students available, or the total number attending independent schools to better understand where you areIs the child attending:well represented or under represented.Government schoolingCatholic EducationNon-Government Education (Independent Schools)NOVEMBER 2021 15'