b'FEATURED ARTICLEThe rise of community development in New Zealand State Schools - the blessing of the Howick College Community Development OfficeSince its inception in November 2018, the Howick Colleges Community Development Office has been on a journey to build, re-build and strengthen the Colleges relationships with its community. Blessing and official opening of the Community Development Office building took place on 20th May 2021 involving Howick College School Board, the Colleges senior leadership team, tangata whenua of Howick, student leaders, Howick Local Board, and other community group leaders.T he aim is to bridge the gap between the school and those who have strong vested interests. We want to gain support for the advancement of education for the College itself and our students.The Principal of Howick College, Mr Iva Ropati, decided to incorporate the International Student Department as part of the Community Development Office at the end of 2020. The vision was to extend our reach far beyond our front doorstep. We wanted to include those of our international community and demonstrate Howick Colleges commitment.Our aspiration was, and still is, to create and foster positive connections with our community with everyDirector of Community Development / International,individual in the wider Howick College whnau (family).Jennifer Roshan (middle), with the Principal of Howick College,Whether it isprospective students and families who areIva Ropati (left), and Presiding Member ofHowick College School Board, Roger Gribble (right).62 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'