b'FEATURED ARTICLESummary Ask questions of your donors either as a couple or to Research doesnt make change, but it allows us tothe donor who is more engaged with you to discover understand the behaviours that must change. As a resultwhy they give and what relationship they want with of this research, we now understand that when it comesyou and how they might be involved other than to philanthropy, Australian women: giving.Ensure recognition fits the donorAsk questions of organisations Celebrate philanthropy and be prepared to gently educate donors on the true meaning of philanthropyDont give for recognition Create a culture of philanthropy within your Dont like organisational waste organisation and dont just FundraiseGive to causes that are having a big impact in theEnsure women are a part of your planning and community and represent a cause that is close todecision-making process (are they just on your their passions and values Parent Committees or are you recruiting women to Are uncomfortable with being called a philanthropist your board?)Dont talk about their giving outside of their familiesLook at your donors age and understand their and therefore are more inclined, at this stage, to actvalues and what influences their giving.as private philanthropistsFocus on helping othersMember In Demand WebinarsWant relationships with the charities they support Members can login to the Educate Plus website and Want both stories and stats view webinars on demand. There is a link to the Kimberly Are driving philanthropy within their familiesDownes webinar below:Are not afraid to step in to ensure social change happens. The role and Influence of Women in Women were at the heart of past AustralianAustralian Philanthropy philanthropy, are the current driving force behindUnique new research reveals philanthropy and will dominate the future. role and influence of women in Australian philanthropyIn an Australian first, Kim Downes As a result, organisations should: will present the key findings of a Adjust their best practice Fundraising to ensure theyunique research project investigating how Australian are researching and directing their cultivation to thewomen engage in philanthropy. decision makers: ensure that discussions are heldThe research has been carried out through a mix of one-with the couple and dont be afraid to explore andon-one interviews and surveys with some of Australias understand how they work as a team together andleading female donors.who makes the decisionsEnsure they understand their donors and what is important to them about supporting your organisation: know their story just dont tell yours. Ask them about their philanthropic journey and why your organisation is important to them; ask them what change they hope to help make.Ensure you are developing a relationship: treat them as family. You dont have to be constantly selling your story. Be real. Treat them with respect and beKimberly Downes, CFRE, CAP, EMFIA transparent.Philanthropy and Fundraising StrategistNOVEMBER 2021 73'