b'FEATURED ARTICLE FEATUREStorytelling and your brand I have a confession to make.I love making people cry.Ive made it one of my life goals.As an emotionally engaged male, Ive discovered that crying is not actually a bad thing.Especially when it comes to schools.After all, theyre all about the thing so many of us care about mostour kids.B ut let me back up a moment. After spending theIn fact, so high is the value placed on authenticity that they first twenty years of my working life as a churchwould rather watch a real story of lower production quality, pastor, telling stories every weekend taught methan a polished, contrived one.This shift in our culture the immense power for change that stories can give.Sois well illustrated by the rise of YouTube. The Google when we started a media production company workingowned platform is used by 74% of adults in the US. Thats with schools six years ago, storytelling naturally becamemore than Facebook.It is also the second most visited a vital part of what we do. But theres a reason whywebsite in the world (right after Google). (Hootsuite.com) The storytelling is more relevant to educational branding thansignificance of this is that the world is not just interested in it ever was. stories, but it is interested in real stories.As our world has become increasingly saturated withTranslate this message to our education sector and slick advertising, consumers have become far morewe have a powerful tool at our disposal. If you want to savvy.Smarter and world-weary consumers are growingmotivate people to do something significant like enrol increasingly cynical of your efforts to win them over,their child at your school, or donate, they need to believe especially if you dont mean what you say.youre being authentic and they need to be moved.Its not (Digiday.com) enough to engage just the mind, you have to connect with74 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'