b'FEATURED ARTICLE5.Flexibility What will your enrolment events now look like? Engage Maybe this is the obvious one as we have learnt so muchyour key staff (Enrolments, Marketing, community, about our own flexibility during lockdowns. Just thinkexecutive, pastoral, parents) to reflect on your enrolment about how much has changed: online interviews, face toevents pre-COVID-19 and during COVID-19, and focus on face enrolment events changed to online events, nonethe successful elements of each.of the usual orientations for new students, no testing in large groups, files moving from hard copy to digital.In summary, take the time over to celebrate your Now is the time though to be considering all of this andsuccesses during the last two tumultuous years. Engage looking ahead at how you will go back to normal. Whatyour colleagues to critique your internal Marketing, will you bring back? What will you keep from lockdown?waitlist management and enrolment processes to see what worked, and what needs tweaking, as we move back to normality. Above all, dont lose your flexibility and the knowledge that you are the key to your institutions financial success and use this to make the future even Member In Demand Webinars brighter.Members can login to the Educate Plus website and view webinars on demand. There are a selection of links below:Admissions engagement strategies Watch this webinar to learn about the admissions lifecycle and the opportunities for meaningful engagement with prospective families with Suzie Hancock.Admissions & The Law SIG Ben Foley discusses three Admissions or Enrolment scenarios: Enrolling a student from a separated family that is not amicable;Enrolling a student that has a learnings based disability; Statements made in relation to what a school can offer under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.Transgender Enrolment Law David FordPartner in the Business, Personal and Communities & Associations groups at Carroll & ODea Lawyers who focuses on helping educational institutions and charitiesspeaks on Transgender Enrolments Law.Bruce Perry, M.EdLead, F.EdPlusRegistrar St Andrews Cathedral School6 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'