b'FEATURED ARTICLEChristine West is minyma Yarnangu, a seniorThis painting shows sacred holes to the north of Ngaanyatjarra speaking Aboriginal woman. Born in theWarburton Ranges in the artists fathers country, called country halfway between Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie,Kunnapurrul, Mamine, Wintjurru and Kulpalytjarra. They she has spent most of her life based in the Warburtonare on the sacred songline of the Two Mythic Men, the Community. As well as being a long-time traditionalWali Kutjarra, as they travelled across country, creating wood carver she is gaining renown as a painter, andthe natural features of the landscape, giving sacred law also works with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers. Christineand ceremonies for the ongoing spiritual maintenance is a respected senior law woman and communityof desert life. Curved lines show sandhills covered with member whose skills have been passed on through thevegetation and the circles show the water places. Tjukurpa, the law and way of life governing her country.With thanks to the generous support of our donors, we This painting shows mangurri (headrings) made by theare thrilled to add these important works to the colleges Minyma Kutjarra (Two Mythic Women), which they leftgrowing collection of works by First Nations artists. scattered around the country as they travelled acrossWe look forward to hosting an exhibition of works from the Western Desert to the Southeast of WarburtonMaruku Arts in the AR Main Room in the near future.Ranges. The concentric circles show both the headrings traditionally used by Aboriginal women as a means to carry things, and sacred sites important to the TwoAbout Maruku ArtsWomens sacred songline. Maruku Arts is an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise, a not-for-profit artists collective based at Uluru, Nola Hunt is minyma Yarnangu, a senior NgaanyatjarraNorthern Territory, Australia. Unlike many Indigenous art woman from the Western desert community ofcommunities, they do not receive recurrent funding from Warburton. A long time traditional carver, she is alsoGovernment. Their charter is to preserve, protect and an exhibited painter with the Warburton Arts project.promote the traditional culture practiced by the Anangu Her skills have been passed on by her grandmotherspeople who live in Central Australia, and to alleviate through the Tjukurrpa, the law and way of life governingpoverty through art and cultural education.her country.Maruku represents over 500 First Nations artists and tour guides from 20 remote communities across the NPY Lands in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. Maruku was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and managed to survive through the generous support of donors.You can support Maruku by making a tax-deductible donation to their to online Fundraising appeal or by supporting their business through their online shop.Kapi Tjukurla: The four sacred waterholeson the Wati Kutjara songlineAmelia ZaraftisNola Hunt Ngaanyatjarra, Warburton WA, 1948 Director of Advancement Burgmann College24 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'