b'FEATURED ARTICLEStorytelling tips CourageIt Takes Time to Trust Dont be afraid to tell the difficult stories and how people Be intentional about the story youre aiming to tell.Askinghave overcome with the help of the school.It is only in a parent to come for half an hour to tell their story onthe darkness that the light appears so bright.Life isnt camera is not going to reach the depths that you hope for. perfect and neither are the people in your school.It is as Most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera sopeople relate to the stories that the power of them will be having time to talk about often personal stories cannot beunleashed.rushed.I was asked to work with a big school on a film campaign Hustle that was to be used as cinema advertising and on social media.After identifying the target audience of mums of It takes effort to tell a story well.Do the early starts toprep students, we put together a real story with a prep get the beautiful light. Re-shoot the same scene till itsgirl, following her journey through the day.Its a simple perfect, befitting of your brand.Go the extra length to fillstory but engaging in the small detailsparticularly the the story out and take the viewer on the journey. students interaction with her dad.After being launched to Facebook, it received 200,000 hits in two weeks.Parents were sharing it virally with comments like, This Tell the wider story is why we love our school so much.Your brand cant buy Our shot selection should be helping put our viewers intothat kind of endorsement.It ran in the cinema for three the story.Wide shots give context, tighter shots give theyears.I still have new clients say, I saw this beautiful story detail. in the cinema we should do that.Details You have as many stories at your fingertips as there are people in your school community.Start asking people to Its in the small details that a story gets its depth. Thetell them and I believe your school will be using the most smells, the sounds, the sights, the touch. powerful tool available to your brand. MomentsAuthentic stories have authentic moments.Go to the extra effort to capture not just beautiful shots, but emotional moments because they will carry your story.Wes TolhurstTolhurst Creativewww.tolhurstcreative.com76 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'