b'FEATURED ARTICLESchools require evidence-based approaches to growth and future planning.Find out how ACC Marsden Park used demographics research to secure a $5m AISNSW grant. Future proofing careers Living a life that aligns with their valuesAs the workplace shifts from more traditional jobs toEducation lays a foundation for students to build on for those characterised by automation and digital integration,the rest of their life. Positively, as students look to the the focus on how to future proof careers continues to rise.future, four in five (81%) feel at least somewhat equipped When thinking about what is more important for success,by their education to thrive in the workplace in the decade students today are only slightly more likely to believe thatahead. Students today are a values-driven generation. As skills (55%) are more important for success than characterthey think about their future career, the most important (45%). Students are similarly divided when they thinkconsiderations for them are that they have purpose and about educational outcomes. More than half (56%) believemeaning in their work (72%) and that their work aligns a secure pathway to employment matters more than thewith their core values (68%).ability to adapt to the changing environment.McCrindle is a social research agency that works When it comes to preparing students for unknownclosely with the education sector. Their services include careers, a combination of both skills and characterconducting research and demographic analysis, as well qualities are essential. As the workplace and workforceas delivering engaging PD sessions. You can find out becomes increasingly mobile and robotics andmore about the trends shaping the Future of Education in automation replace some jobs, the ability to adapt toMcCrindles latest Education Future Report, which is free change will become increasingly important for futureto access at www.educationfuture.com.au.proofing the careers of todays school leavers. In fact, three quarters of todays students (74%) believe that life-long learning will be essential for them to future-proof their career.Ashley Fell Director of AdvisoryMcCrindleNOVEMBER 2021 35'