b'FEATURED ARTICLEQueens College, The University of MelbourneHattam was a prosperous Melbourne draper and gaveAlumni participation in Fundraising campaigns.much of his time to this task. He raised over a period ofStudent participation in Fundraising campaigns.five years during a time of post-War recovery and the global pandemic 53,000 pounds close to $4M in todaysConfidence in best practice being followed at all money which covered the cost of the extension. Hattamlevels in governance, management and managing himself contributed as did other members of councilfunds. including well-known Melbourne figures J T Tweddle, F J Cato, Drs J F Wilkinson and E L Gault. In addition, the students Sports and Social Club gave 2000 pounds, a giftUndoubtedly our universities and the colleges will per student equal to half the College annual fee.endure and as Camus suggested, people will rise above themselves. Pandemics have disrupted higher education in the past, driving scholars from campus and depressing Funds were also donated from two student run events,enrolments, but the academy ultimately survived, and a College fte in March 1921 and a Shakespeareanemerged transformed by the experience. pageant in Melbourne Town Hall in April 1922. The Alumni association, the Wyvern Society, also subscribed contributing 1000 pounds. By comparisonAcademic communities such as the University of the Methodist Church in whose name the College wasMelbourne and Queens College remain essential to our founded contributed only 340 pounds. Others who gavesociety and economy, advancing knowledge through generously were George Sweet and his daughter Drthe interplay of intellect and ideas. This crisis may have Georgina Sweet and E T Latham who donated the newstripped away many rituals and traditional trappings of Junior Common Room and George and Alfred Nicholascollege life, but it has also cleared our calendars and founders of the pharmaceutical company. This was theminds, reinvigorated our pedagogy (going online) and start of the Nicholass generosity towards the College andrelaxed unnecessary policies, giving us unprecedented they eventually paid for a custom built laboratory. opportunity to rethink our work and reinvent ourselves as a sector.Lessons to be learned for colleges but also educational institutions in general from this early campaign are relevant today in our own pandemic and we hope soon post-pandemic world:The importance of institutional relevance and a value proposition that adds value to the education experience and provides a base for future careers and good public minded citizens. Council or board leadership in Advancement and personal financial commitment from governance andDr Stewart Gill OAM staff.Master/ Head at Queens College and a HistorianNOVEMBER 2021 61'