b'PLATINUM PARTFNEEATRU ARDEVDE RARTOTIRCILAELDonor prospectingThey used the Potentiality data analysis to add filters and weightings to their donor prospecting tool, then built the dashboards to guide them through their Fundraising approaches.Where to from hereAlthough they are at the beginning of their journey, usingThe last phase of the process was to switch most of their a data driven approach to Fundraising has revolutionizedparent engagement (events/communications/volunteer how they approach their community for donations. Theytracking/payment gateway etc) over to Potentiality, can now identify those most likely to give back to theutilizing the integrated zero input Fundraising so the school, and when they have a conversation, they have alldonor analysis is constantly updated based on the the data they need for a meaningful conversation.way they engage with their community, and how their community engages with them.POTENTIALITY PTY LTD Suite 1.08. Level 1, 480 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 Phone +61 3 9699 1663 Email: info@ptly.com https://ptly.com/ NOVEMBER 2021 37'