b'FEATURED ARTICLEUsing engagement data to identify donors -a case study at Tanglin Trust School, SingaporeC ecilia Handel is the Director of Development atIdentification and Importing of community Tanglin Trust School in Singapore, the oldestengagement activitiesBritish International School in Southeast Asia atTTS engages with their parent community every day, but 95 years and has over 3,000 students. because they used different platforms for eNewsletters, events, payments, volunteer tracking, family tracking, Tanglin Trust School (TTS) in Singapore has beenlogin portals, all their engagement data was held in using Potentiality purely for Alumni engagement forseparate platforms. TTS embarked on a process of around 5 years, but recently after seeing the successidentifying and importing this engagement data into of other schools in using Potentiality as a full schooltheir Potentiality platform.engagement tool and zero input Fundraising database, they decided to follow down the same path and harnessImporting the last 6 years of donationstheir engagement data as a powerful donor prospecting tool. Analysis of all their engagement data is required to best quantify the likelihood of members becoming donors. Preparation of dataThe first step was to setup the automated sync with theirAnalysismain school database (iSams). This process involvedWith the help of a data analyst, statistical methods identifying which records to sync, and which data withinwere used to find connections between how the parents each record they wanted. engaged with the school and the likelihood of becoming a donor. 3 6 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'