b'FEATURED ARTICLEFrom this, for every SA1, we can tell how many boys / girlspeople being able to drop their children off on the way are going to Primary / Secondary school, and if they areto work. It can also be partly due to many of the best in the Government, Catholic or Independent educationindependent schools are in the highest economic areas, system. and people will always be coming in from the suburbs further out to attend those schools.If we plot the student addresses, we can show accurateIdentifying potential Marketing areasmarket share of how your school is performing in anyIf you know the areas where you have significant market area (SA1, suburb or postcode). You can see where yourshare, you may look for similar types of areas to attract trade area is for your school, and what other areas shouldnew students. The data may show a new developing area be considered to target your Marketing for potentialwith strong student demographics that you can access students. via a bus route quite easily, and you are still the closest major Independent or Catholic College in that area. Schools are like cometsThe immediate area around an Independent SchoolDo you consider establishing a bus route where there are (think like the head of the comet) can have upwards ofsmall groups of potential students, with the aim in the 50% market share. Living close to the school is seen byfuture to becoming a dominant player in that market? parents as a major advantage and in many cases canIf you analyse the data in the surrounding areas, you drive the decision. Travel time and simple convenience ismay find by making some small adjustment to existing an advantage every school has over there competition inbus routes you could elevate your position to a stronger your immediate area. one in market areas where traditionally you were not a consideration. When we map this and look at the market share, schoolsFeeder schools also play a big part in that transition tend to act like a comet, with the main campus generallyfrom Primary to Secondary school. If you have data on near the head of the comet, and the tail pointing awaywhat are your main feeder schools, and you can see how from the Central Business District of the city you are in.the numbers are changing, you may find some action is We have always put this down to transport logistics, andnecessary. We suggest mapping all relevant feederSt. Vincents College, Sydney is the oldest registered Catholic girls school in Australia, founded in 185816 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'