b'FEATURED ARTICLEPreparing to make the ask The show must go onHere in the U.S., we are starting the new school year. As a boarding school of 400 students located in Los Angeles County, we have not been open for in-person learning since the day we evacuated our campus on 12 March 2020. A s we all gathered for our annual start-of-schoolquality and training, and to extend our program to highly convocation beneath the majestic oak trees at thequalified students across the globe. centre of our campus, it was a surreal moment in time. We were all masked, of course, and there were tearsAlready, during the campaigns leadership phase, we have of joy.secured more than $170 millionan unprecedented level of support. Toward the end of the ceremony, the student leaders spoke. The final senior gave an incredibly moving addressBut it didnt just happen.and, at the very end said, The Show Must Go On. The entire school cheered. It was a rallying call for all of us. And, just as our schools must persevere throughEach gift represents a series of intentional initiatives to this unfathomable time, so too must our Advancementensure our prospects felt engaged, inspired, and inclined programs and aspirations for a brighter future.to be generous in helping position Webb for the next 100 years and beyond. The landscape of the world has profoundly shifted, but the basic principles of building a culture of philanthropy andEffective prospect researchpreparing major stakeholders for the ask remain firmly inAdvancement is both an art and a science, regardless of place.whether you are building an annual fund or supporting a major campaign. While sentiment rules the world, At The Webb Schools, we are preparing to launch theas Napolon reminded us, we must also acknowledge public phase of our Centennial Campaign in October. Thisthe hard facts about a schools pool of prospects. It is is our most ambitious campaign ever, seeking more thanour job to identify people in our communitiesAlumni, $200 million to transform our campus, to boost teacherparents and friendswho have the means and the 8 0 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'