b'THE HUMANE CHOICE FOR TICKETSPLATINUM PARTFNEAETRU ARDEVDE ARRTOTIRCILAELHumanitix is the non-prot event ticketing platform that donates 100% of proceeds from booking fees to indigenous scholarships and girls literacy programs. Backed by the foundations of Google and Atlassian, Humanitix is the fastest-growing ticketing company in Australia & NZ, and is the #1 ticketing platform for schools, with lower fees, free customer support and 100% of prots go to charity.All good, no compromise.Australasias best schools are switching to Humanitixhave used Google Cloud to deploySpecial Offer for Schools View the Humanitix feature that best new features to stay nimble andSchools that sign up get 40% off oursuits your needs:thrive despite the COVID-19 crisis.standard pricing, for life https://humanitix.com/au/featuresClick here for insights on how we used Google Cloud to deploy new Book a demo or ask about our new FundrVID-19 crisis.features to stay nimble and thrive despite the COaising platform:events@humanitix.com.auSpecial offers for schoolsSchools that sign up get 40% off our standard pricing, for lifeEducation is at the core of what we do. Were always building new tools and creating new ways to help schools and universities bring people together.Book a free demo today to learnBe an early adopter and ask aboutSchools and universities get access more about out platform and seeour new fundraising platform forto every feature on Humanitix at why Humanitix is the number oneschools and universities.no addtional cost, like the option to event ticketing platform for schools.add merchandising opportunities on top of ticketing for any event. Add merchandise to your ticketsSell books, reusable coffee cups, funky hoodies, or anything your guests might need.Get started for free at humanitix.com.au or get in touch for a free demo: events@humanitix.com.auNOVEMBER 2021 6 5'