b'FEATURED ARTICLE3.How consciously do you use the quiet superpowers?Being naturally quiet doesnt mean you use the quiet superpowers well. Even if you overcome the internalised, disempowering messages, simply being quiet is not the same as quietly powerful. If you are anxious or fearful in a meeting, you will be quiet but wont be present or listen properly. If you are not present, wise questions will not emerge and your thinking will be limited to what you already know rather than incorporating others perspectives.You can use the quiet superpowers more effectively by consciously developing the skills as well as the internal conditions and mindsets that enables these skills to be applied.4.How much have you developed the quiet superpowers?When you think of communications training, how much of it is about speaking vs listening? How often does leadership development focus on listening, observing, creating safety and space for open conversations, deep reflection and thinking?This limited focus on quieter leadership strengths and skills reinforces the bias around the styles we believe to be leader-like. By focusing on developing the quiet superpowers, you will not only enhance your leadership effectiveness, you will help to expand our collective beliefs about what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like.We live in an increasingly complex, uncertain and changing world where solving complex adaptive problems without obvious solutions requires us to better listen to and understand diverse perspectives, navigate differences and work together. In many of these situations the quiet superpowers are what we need. Having studied Quietly Powerful Leaders, they are the kind of leaders we need more of now, more than ever. If you are naturally quiet, it is time for you to step into leading in quietly powerful ways. If you are not-so-quiet, you can lead more effectively by developing and accessing the quiet superpowers.Megumi MikiSpeaker Author Consultant on Leadership and Culture + Founder of Quietly Powerful + Co-Founder of Leaders Who Listen14 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'