b'FEATURED ARTICLEWhen speaking with women about giving to educationhusbands wishes and the money isnt theirs to distribute they, overwhelming indicated the desire to give for needs- as they wish.based scholarships that would change a young persons life and provide them with an opportunity that they might not otherwise have. OwnershipWomen are financially literate with a clear Womens motivations for giving understanding of their worth in earned dollars. They are confident that wealth is not an infinite source.50% of women who participated in the research indicated that to donate to a cause, it had to be something they related to personally and 30% indicated it had to be causeWhen asked about how they make their decisions in related (most likely crisis cause). giving, most women indicated that it was a joint or family decision but that they brought the causes to the table. The research also looked at some of the well-Research by the Lilly School of Philanthropy in 2021, statesestablished wealthy families in Australia where men are that women want a relationship with a charity when givingat the forefront of recognition. When we deep dive into while their male counterparts practice more transactionaltheir decision making it was found that their wives were giving. With men it is important who asks but withthe driving forces behind those decisions yet stayed in women the cause and the impact are more important thanthe shadows. Australian women dont want to brag or who asks. standout. They prefer their volunteer work and giving to be quiet and impactful. Only a few recognise that by being more public with their giving can they influence The Australian culture is not one of flamboyance, so toand be a model for other women.understand and accept this private, quiet philanthropy is necessary. But also understand that Australia is rated the second most generous country. Donors have the willingness and capacity, but we must meet them on their terms.Women are good at asking questions and are more connected to the community. Australian women put a much more strategic lens and empathy on their giving then their male counterparts. They are not so clinical as they take a deeper investigation into how the money will be used.Women generally have two views on money:GuardianshipWomen see their role as being one of the protectors of the resources entrusted to them - either for their future needs, or for those of the next generation who will inherit it.Janet Marion Clarke (4 June 185128 April 1909) was an Australian As women tend to outlive men, it is found that oldersocialite and philanthropist. She was known to the general public as Lady women continue to give to their husbands school but notClarke.to the school they went to because they either haventIn 1889, she donated 6,000 towards the establishment of the Hostel for been asked or feel that they need to carry out theirWomen University Students at Trinity College, Melbourne.72 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'