b'FEATURED ARTICLEChanging expectations in volunteerism embracing both short and long-term opportunitiesAdvancement professionals around the world would concur that major workplace stressors over the last two years include budget reductions or freezes, staff retention, and the ability to meet performance metrics. M ost feel they are doing more with less and, in the absence of in-person Alumni engagement activity, it feels that the less in the equation is volunteers. We are learning that there are two immediate types of opportunities: long-term and short-term.Engaging Alumni volunteers at-large: growing the base While it is important to recognise that people are individuals, and preferences will vary as greatly as interests and personalities, there are trends that are important to note and to which to respond. Some people will remain committed to volunteering in-person and willgoing forward. Australian government studies have unquestionably be craving on-site activities as COVID-19shown volunteering has been on the decline for a decade, policies transition from pandemic to endemic rules.alongside a decrease in the time that Australians have Others not normally showing up in-person may also feelfor recreation and leisure, and social and community an immediate pull to in-person volunteer and engagementinteraction. opportunities.Consider the management framework of the volunteer We will see these volunteers, we will witness and hearopportunities. Do they require committee meetings, or set their excitement, and, as a sector, well rightly focustimes and places to be available for training or connecting attention towards ensuring they are well served. with staff or other volunteers, structures we are often good at creating across education? Can the volunteer commit time on a schedule that works for them [e.g., However, we should not let those experiences extendlate nights]? Do you need another committee or formal to our full constituent base and fail to capture andgroup to manage something when a simple single contact provide opportunities that reflect a less structured,would work as effectively, if not better? Is a full handbook 24-7 world. Whatever the breakdown, as shown below,and litany of background documentation needed when a dont limit yourself by thinking the experiences of thosesimple checklist and list of expectations will do?you see and hear from often are representative of the wishes of your larger base. Similarly, that small portion of people in your ear doesnt frame how you createIn providing service, have you set-up the necessary and maintain a volunteer program that attracts newcontact, or services, to reflect a 24/7 global world? audiences. Locally, your volunteers may need to engage or work on their commitments in hours when your organisation is closed. Certainly, if you are engaging volunteers globally, A move towards seeking volunteer opportunities thattheir ability to connect at times convenient to them, maximise flexibility and time spent on high-impactrequires a different support framework than one where activities was gathering steam before the recent era ofpeople can just check in with the office between 8 and 5. restrictions and will remain a key feature of volunteering 3 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'