b'FEATURED ARTICLEPresentation entitled Why Trust the Head: The importance of trust and how to get it, made by Dr Paul Browning of St Pauls School, at the National Summit on Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour, hosted by QUT in July 2015.In contrast to the current school community, the pastThese ten practices are:students and their families were looking to me for1.Admit your mistakesjustice, and ultimately, healing. They wanted the wounds dressing ripped off, particularly those past students who2.Listenhad never admitted openly that they had been victims of3.Offer trustabuse. While many didnt want to face their past, many did want the opportunity for their voice to be heard at4.Consultative decision-makingthe public hearing. Would I be like those who had gone5.Providing affirmationbefore me and seek to cover up as best I could the sins of the past to protect the schools reputation? Or would6.VisibilityI bring to light the truth of what had happened to them7.Demeanourand restore trust? 8.Coaching or mentoringWhen trust is destroyed in the workplace, how do9.Caringyou restore it? The pivotal events around the royal10.Keeping confidences.commission led me to complete a PhD to identify the specific practices leaders used to enrich a culture ofThese practices can be learned by anyone committed to trust. Since then I have had the privilege of runningthe belief that leadership is about enabling others to thrive; workshops for well over 4000 leaders in the educationfor true leadership (in the words of Hugh Mackay, The and corporate worlds, sharing my toolkit of effectiveGood Life) is an example of the life lived for others.strategies in how to become more trustworthy. Paul Browning is the author of Principled: 10Dr Paul Browning leadership practices for building trust publishedHead by UQP and available from all good book retailers. St Pauls School4 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'