b'FEATURED ARTICLEBequestsstepping stones to success Navigating COVID-19 has been a momentous experience on both a professional and personal level.In the workplace, weve grappled with plans being blown again and again, particularly in light of the extensive lockdowns in Victoria and New South Wales.But, not all has been lost.In fact, quite unexpected and remarkable positives have abounded.I n 2020, I was ready to embark on planning for my3.Launch societyeven if there are only five to ten second capital campaign for a Sea Centre (Scienceknown bequestors, hold a vibrant morning or & Enterprise) at Mentone Girls Grammar.With theafternoon tea engaging older Alumni, past and current pandemic in full force, the project was postponed.Istaff, Council/Foundation directors and friends. decided to embark on a real challenge.BEQUESTS.4.Survey communityeither in the form of a broader While bequests can be the most lucrative long-termsurvey (e.g. Alumni) or specifically on bequests/form of Fundraising, for me, they are certainly the mostdonations.Consider questions such as:challenging.Conversations around death, intentions, legacy and impact do not come naturally to me.Hence, in late 2020, I sought the expert consultancy of FrankWould you be interested in hearing more about Opray, Washington Services.Franks guidance, alongsupporting building, scholarship or library with work completed pre-consultancy helped meprojects at institution name?formulate my top ten tips around bequests: Would you be interested in receiving information about making a gift to institution in your Will?1.Establish collateralbequest/society brochure,Have you already left a gift to institution in codicil form, bequest intention form (for print andyour Will?web).Include testimonials (impact of education/reason for bequest) in bequest/society brochure and consider including sample wording around Wills. 5.Partner with an estate lawyer, preferably one connected to the institutions community, (e.g. Alumni).Investigate whether the lawyer will provide a 2.Establish a bequest society and produce societycomplimentary initial consultation for the Will maker.merchandisethis may be as simple as a small pin and a framed certificate. The name of the bequest society should ideally recognise a name which is significant in the philanthropic history of the school.4 2 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'