b'FEATURED ARTICLESo how can we help leaders do their best and not slipAs our leaders are tested like no other time during this down the rabbit hole? Just three things, and they needpandemic let us check in on them in the days and months our full support on them all.ahead and see how we can support them to continue to do their very best. Firstly, allow leaders time for self-care. Giving our leaders permission to switch off, be away from the emails and the decisions is so important, something leaders feel is almost impossible to claim themselves.Two, support. We need to acknowledge that we rely on leaders to show the way and that they carry this burden willingly for us, so unending support is most necessary. Third and finally, a capable support crew - if it is good enough for Ash Barty it is good enough for our leaders and one that is essential in good leadership. Having aBarbara Watkinsgreat team that steps in to do all they can to create an excellent team of leaders and leadership, is the bestFounder and CEOsupport a leader can have in all circumstances.Barbara Watkins ConsultingEducate Plus Awards for Excellence 2022Time to share and nominate your incredible projects, publications and activities you have developed or are involved in (since July 2018) and showcase them to other members. Many of these are at world leading practice, so we wish to acknowledge and celebrate them with the Awards for Excellence 2022. Nominations can be completed online on the Educate Plus website: educateplus.edu.au/about-us/awards/Awards categories include Additional specialist awardsMarketing & CommunicationsNewcomer AwardCampaign Mentor AwardMarketing & Communications Online Volunteer Leadership AwardMarketing & Communications Video Institutional Leader AwardFundraisingAnnual Giving Trevor Wigney AwardFundraisingCapital Campaign/ Major Gifts Program/ BequestsFundraising EventsAlumni and/or Community CampaignAlumni and/or Community EventAlumni and/or Community PublicationAdmissions Campaign and/or EventsAdmissions PublicationProudly supported by:NOMINATIONS OPEN NOW UNTIL December 31 202128 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'