b'FLEAATTIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALPThree simple tips for online Marketing ideasAs schools discover a new climate for attracting customers, we can often fall into the trap of using the same mediums each year because its what we know. So maybe its now time to pivot!H eres Enquiry Trackersfor the best school in your area? Doesengage with a more professional three simple tips for onlineit land on the first page? The majorityaudience. Moreover, the platform Marketing ideas that may helpof people never click through to Pageis magic for you in connecting with you and your school 2. Good SEO will get you on the frontyour Alumni. Set up regular, engaging page, so its a valuable investment.posts, write short blogs and market Ask your web developer about SEOupcoming events through this and an appropriate budget. Its achannel. Future parents are often on worthwhile investment and a greatLinkedIn too, which could generate a starting point for online Marketing. significant lead for future enrolments if marketed and targeted well. As an added bonus, LinkedIn provides Tip #2: Link-in to the professionala terrific way to engage with your world fellow Admissions and Marketing While building a community on socialcolleagues from across the globe. media, engaging with your audienceConnect, share ideas and reap the is about as important as the firstrewards this platform offers.meal in your day and LinkedIn is one platform that is powerful but oftenStart by following Enquiry Tracker overlooked. today: linkedin.com/company/Tip #1: Invest in SEO enquiry-tracker/Using SEO (Search EngineLinkedIn has a broad range of Optimisation) is a vital tool for youcompany profiles, and while it might to attract and engage parents not sound relevant to you now, it remember, your audience conductsprovides an excellent opportunity research long before they come tofor schools to create a profile and you expressing interest. Put your parent hat on. Youre moving to a new area, and youre looking for a new school, what would you Google? More than 1,830,000 people worldwide, and 40,500 in Australia each year, search for a keyword phrase beginning with Best school in?So, do a simple check. Launch your browser, select incognito mode, and search your school. How does it rank in the search results when you look 5 4 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'