b'FEATURED ARTICLEFEATUREA time to belong How Shenton College engaged its Alumni successfully with their Hollywood SHS Photographic Exhibition. Proudly Public: Hollywood SHS Through the Lens is a project of the Shenton Alumni - which combines the Alumni of Shenton College and the two founding high schools, Hollywood and Swanbourne.I n Term 3 Shenton College hosted an exhibition ofa unique celebration of the formative years of a great photographs which document the first decade ofAustralian public school. Hollywood SHS remains rightly Hollywood Senior High School. In WA in the 60s,celebrated for its history of academic excellence, and the compulsory schooling moved to Year 10. This decision, andreach of its Alumni into the community, which translates the wave of new students from the post-war baby boom,into the great pride and affection for the school they meant a need for new schools. Hollywood was one ofattended. Those who visited the exhibition were delighted them, opening in 1958 with 364 students enrolled. In thatto view this piece of history and to have the opportunity to first year the school employed a young English teacher,reminisce and catch up with old friends.Murray Mason, who proved to be a more-than-competent photographer. He took a magnificent photographic record of Hollywoods first decade, showing the extraordinary richness of the life of a school.Shenton College is proud of its founding public high schools (Swanbourne SHS is the other school) and the traditions they gave rise to. The photographs in the exhibition are These unique photographs express the spirit of belonging, of being part of a bold and confident public school. They stand as a rich celebration of school life and of the potential and possibilities of confident youth: the excitement and camaraderie of a sports team; the thrill of a school carnival; the opportunities of leadership and of having wonderful school friends.Meredith Eddington Alumni ManagerShenton CollegeNOVEMBER 2021 53'