b'FEATURED ARTICLE7.Formulate bequest society events (program for bequestors by utilising existing events (e.g. Speech Night, Founders Day) and creating new experiences in placesbequestors would otherwise not be privy to.8.Hold an Estate Planning Seminar in conjunction with lawyer with whom the institution has partnered.9.Recognise and engage known bequestors and prospects with acts of kindness throughout the yearbirthday and Christmas cards, small thoughtful gifts and telephone calls, articles of interest and stories of impact.10.Use the expertise of a bequest consultant (where needed). Encourage those who have made a bequest to advise accordingly.Note: Bequest(s) may be interchanged with Gift in Will(s)6.Produce annual, biannual or quarterly bequest society newsletters including:Welcome from Council/Foundation Chair and Development DirectorTestimonials from bequestors (across a range of age groups and community members, e.g. Alumni, past staff, past Council directors)Stories of scholarship holders thriving in their education as a result of bequestsStories of philanthropy within the institutions communityProfile upcoming and past events for bequestors and prospects (branded as bequest society events). Roslyn HollowayFrank OprayHead of Foundation, St Leonards CollegeDirector (Formerly, Advancement & Alumni Manager,Washington ServicesMentone Girls Grammar)NOVEMBER 2021 4 3'